my beanies enjoy

box 1/3

prickles the hedgehog has tag

sturt the rooster has tag

waddle the penguin (teenie beanie 1998) no tag

snip the cat has tag

crunch the shark has tag

swoop the dinosouar has tag

freckles the leopard (teenie beanie 1999) has tag

iggy the iguana(teenie beanie 1999)has tag

wrinkles the dog has tag

lucky the ladybug no tag

gigi the poodle has tag

roary the lion has tag

wrinkles the dog has tag

ants the anteater has tag

box 2/3

fleece the lamb has tag

loosy the geese has tag

iggy the iguana blue has tag

nuts the squirrel has tag

goatee the goat has tag

stinger the scorpian has tag

chip the cat (teenie beanie 1999)

inky the octapus has tag

scaly the lizard has tag

gobbles the turkey hugs tag i mean has tag

weenie the dog no tag

wiser the owl has tag

ringo the raccon has tag

canyon the cougar no tag

freckles the leopard has tag

squealer the pig has tag

mel the kola(teenie beanie 1998)

snort the bull no tag

spike the rhino has tag

nuts the squillel (teenie beanie 1999)

rocket the bird(teenie 1999)

another rocket teenie 99

congo the monkey has tag

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